Vince is a voice-over actor currently living in the Washington, DC area. For years, Vince has been praised for his professional tone over a phone call or casual conversation with friends. Primarily a jazz balladeer, Vince has always endeavored to become  voice-over actor since early childhood.  Vince's musical journey has given him an appreciation for his voice and vocal techniques relating to commercial, political, professional, and comedic reads. Vince is talented and follows the direction of the engineer, creating minimal production hours. Vince recently studied under the direction of J. Michael Collins (JMC, Gravy For The Brain).


What people are saying..

I'm thrilled with the results on these, my friend. A lot of hard work but, we got there. You have a warm signature sound that is just gold!” - J. Michael Collins, Award Winning Voice Over Actor, Coach
You have an incredibly distinct voice and you will do well in this biz!” - Jason Michael, Voice Actor - Pastorini Bosby Talent
You're a younger James Earl Jones, Vince! Keep moving in the directions you're already headed. There's opportunity all over the place for you!” - Eddie Garvar, Voice Actor